FREE Today: the SoulCentered Breathwork Necklace ($49.99 Value)

Drawing inspiration from Japanese monks and supported by scientific research, this stylish and functional piece of jewelry is designed to instantly immerse your mind, body, and soul in a state of serene tranquility.

$49.99 Value - Just Cover Shipping

  • A gift that breathes calm: 

    Inspired by 17th-century Komuso monks' breathing techniques in Japan, this curation aims to alleviate anxiety, calm the mind, and ease tension during overwhelming moments.

  • Scientifically proven to induce calm:

    Short, shallow breaths trigger your body’s “fight or flight” mode. Breathing through your necklace silently guides you through long exhales, triggering the vagus nerve to calm your mind, body, and soul. 

  • A wearable security blanket:

    Sleek and stylish, this necklace works with any outfit or occasion! Simply slip it on and (discreetly) combat anxiety anytime, anywhere.

  • Forged from food-grade stainless steel:

    Rust- and tarnish-resistant, waterproof, and incredibly durable.

I would like to claim a free Stress Buster Sipper ($49.99 value)

Why Are We Giving Away These Necklaces for FREE?

We firmly believe that the need for healing and unity among humanity is more pressing now than ever before. Our necklace, created sustainably using age-old principles, is a key element of our broader outreach efforts. We collaborate with over 200 artisans worldwide, each passionately committed to our mission.
When you receive your complimentary necklace, feel free to explore our store and take advantage of exclusive discounts on our products. Thank you for your support!

Breathing Zen: The Komuso Mindfulness Method

Blowing Zen

Throughout the Japanese Edo period, komuso monks practiced suizen, or “blowing Zen”. This was a specialized form of meditation that was achieved through blowing a bamboo flute, also known as a shakuhachi, to reach enlightenment.

The shakuhachi helped these monks regulate their breathing, slowing their breaths down enough to suffuse their minds, bodies, and spirits with calm tranquility.

YourStress Buster Sipper Necklace works in much the same way, training you to breathe deeply and prolong your exhalations to 10 seconds each.

This breath extension exercise has been scientifically proven to slow heart rate, lower or stabilize blood pressure, relax the muscles, clear the mind, and reduce cortisol levels.

Includes a Free Meditation

Your Stress Buster Sipper necklace comes with a healing guided meditation audio specially designed to complement the natural materials and ancient wisdom it’s made with.

No meditation experience is needed: just breathe in, relax, and press play to experience a wave of calm washing over your mind, body, and spirit.

Value: $49.99, yours FREE while stocks last

  • Material:100% food-grade stainless steel
  • Whistle length:1.97 inches
  • Chain length:24.17 inches
  • Weight:14.8g
  • Value: $49.99, yours FREE while stocks lastQuick

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Manage Stress Naturally

Say Goodbye to Stress with the Stress Buster Necklace

Introducing the innovative solution that has empowered thousands to effortlessly liberate themselves from smoking and vaping, helping them achieve the healthy, stress-free lifestyle they rightfully deserve.

I would like to claim a free Stress Buster Sipper ($49.99 value)

Backed by Science

Feel your stress leaving your body with one quick & simple exercise

You will receive1x Stress Buster Sipper
a specially designed curation that regulates your breathing and helps invite tranquility.

I would like to claim a free Stress Buster Sipper ($49.99 value)


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"I’ve recently experienced fluctuating blood pressure. By using this device, it slows down my breathing and relaxes my system.
This lowers my blood pressure to the
normal range in 5 minutes. Under any type of stress it’s natural to shallow breathe….."